Pleased to Meet You

Municipal Bondsour name as well as our purposeis a symbolic play on words. Municipalities form and encourage a concentration of people and ideas, where bonds are the connections and strengths between us. 


To that effect, we are launching Municipal Bonds, a contemporary art platform with a nomadic exhibition program devoted to emerging and established artists, international in scope and cross-cultural in intention. 


We are honored to present four important female artists: Austin Thomas, Bara Jichova Tyson, Danielle Dimston, and Yvette Taminiau. 


Each is a bold talent who makes courageous choices and commitments in her work. There are similarities, like the investigation of chance and purpose, and the dialogue between intuition and material. Yet all four are diverse in background, vision, and methodologyempowered by their own unique experiences, creative stimuli, and personal weather. 


Each has shared art with us from both past and current bodies, enabling us to present a comprehensive selection of exceptional works.


July 1, 2019