Michelle Yi Martin: In Medias Res

December 4, 2021 - February 12, 2022

While structurally Michelle Yi Martin's weavings lean into a legacy of functionality, her work is distilled to delicate lines, minimal forms—less quotidian container, more celebratory ornament. Her tubular sculptures interlock and expand, meeting in the midst of space and movement. And her intricate textiles, using natural and synthetic fibers, are expressive and haptic, parlayed from utilitarian into experiential. In Yi Martin's approach, In Medias Res ties the personal with universal—her woven line connecting tradition, dimension, and experimentation.

Municipal Bonds is pleased to present Michelle Yi Martin's first solo show with the gallery, In Medias Res, featuring her recent abstract woven works. Titled with the Latin phrase for "in the middle of things," Yi Martin's exhibition includes woven filament sculptures and freeform fiber works. Through these varied structural forms, she explores convergences of history and heritage, minimalism and adornment, material and light.