Zaida Oenema: A Clear Day

February 19 - April 16, 2022

"In absolute focus, I search for silence. Not in the sense of lacking human sound, but rather as stillness; as an equivalent of inner peace, wonder, and slowing down. Silence as a form of positive emptiness, so that there is an actual space to be able to see and perceive the things around you anew."

— Zaida Oenema

Municipal Bonds is delighted to announce Zaida Oenema's debut exhibition in the United States, A Clear Day, on view February 19–April 16, 2022. The Dutch/Finnish artist's work features abstractions of the natural world, cut and burned into reliefs on paper. Inspired by the environment's temporal moments—moving shadows, rippling water, waving fields—Oenema's work is a meditation on cultivating clarity, the resonance of quietude.