Conversations in the Dark: Summer Group Show

June 25 - August 20, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION | Saturday, June 25, 2022 | 3–5 pm

Municipal Bonds is pleased to announce Conversations in the Dark, our summer group show, on view June 25–August 20, 2022. Featuring ten artists represented by the gallery, selected works mine relationships between interior and exterior worlds. Each artist approaches inner-outer connections through the spoken and unspoken, seen and unseen—geographically, materially, psychologically. Considering conceptual variables including time and medium, each examines relational narratives and their constructs of perception. Together the works portray inherently intimate and mysterious links between self and environment, each in their own revelatory way.


Artists: Cécilia Andrews, Danielle Dimston, Bara Jichova Tyson, Yvonne Mouser, Zaida Oenema, Solange Roberdeau, Jamie Romanet, Yvette Taminiau, Austin Thomas, and Michelle Yi Martin


Cécilia Andrews' approach is based on minimalist representation and the study of dualities: transparency and opacity, fragility and solidity, lightness and darkness. She explores these complementary/diametrical dynamics in her work through the interaction of contrast, the perception of opposition, and the use of varied dimensional media.


Shifting perceptual awareness between organic and structural, Danielle Dimston's drawings examine space and the constructs of light within form. Her lines touch to connect, grow, and mend—as if creating a shield from the precarious, offering luminosity for passage or protection. 


In her collages, Bara Jichova Tyson hand cuts and reconstructs photographs into an abstraction of place, time, and meaning. Using historical imagery, both personal and environmental, she delves into her interior and exterior worlds to create a new narrative.


Yvonne Mouser investigates her fascination with perceptions of time and natural phenomena, through works suggesting growth, decay, or a sequence of temporal states. Finding flux visible at the intersections of order and chaos, of reality and memory, she experiments with concepts, materials, and evolving processes that draw attention to moments of transformation.


Inspired by temporal moments in nature, Zaida Oenema translates the ordinary, fleeting, and invisible into her work—like rain patterns on windows, and wind rustling through tree leaves. Using a scalpel on paper or resin on wood, she renders work on the border of two-dimensional and three-dimensional—resulting in the interplay of light and structure, rhythm and texture.

Solange Roberdeau's
abstract drawings are informed by the cadences of place and the character of materials. Emphasizing perceptual movement between visual planes, compositions emerge generatively from a conscious balancing of serendipity with control, reflected both in her process of making and in marks rendered.

There is certain psychological intimacy in Jamie Romanet's work, as she explores the infinite self through conceptual representation of the face and figure. Delving into existential limitlessness, her work comprises otherworldly portraits and subconscious symbols. 


Yvette Taminiau's newsprint paintings comprise a dialogue between the artist and the page, responding to the stories, images, and layout in an associative manner. Her approach is intuitive and suggestive—while her academic background, with its strong reliance on analytical frameworks, is reflected in her selection of topics and articles from the newspapers.


In her monotypes, Austin Thomas paints and prints geometric forms in unique color blocks on found paper. Distilled to impressions of light and shadow, mass and transparency—her process captures gesture, allows for experimentation, and the emergence of imagery referential to architecture and the city's mechanisms.


Michelle Yi Martin's woven light works connect tradition, dimension, and experimentation. She uses various permutations of light—always derived from the sun—as the binding substance, whether in terms of transparency in construction, translucency of material, or consideration of negative space and shadow.



Conversations in the Dark is on view at Municipal Bonds, located at Minnesota Street Project, 1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA, June 25–August 20, 2022, Thursday–Saturday, 12–5pm, and by appointment. For more information, please contact Emily Miller at 917.450.0583,