Fritz Horstman: Folded Light

March 1 - April 22, 2023
In the series Folded Cyanotypes, the folding patterns are Fritz Horstman's own adaptations of tessellating patterns. Following the same physics that impels crystals to grow at certain angles, dried mud to crack in chaotic-yet-predictable ways, and produces the familiarity of the creases in a particular smile, the folding patterns interlock in ways similar to geometric tiles. Their shapes and the materiality of paper present both firm boundaries and enormous potential. Though the act of physically dealing with paper beyond a certain dimension becomes unwieldy, any of the patterns could in theory extend forever, charting the artist's own understanding of being and space.

Municipal Bonds is pleased to present "Fritz Horstman: Folded Light," on view March 1 – April 22, 2023. The gallery's first exhibition with the artist features a selection of Horstman's Folded Cyanotypes. The work comprises deep blue images of shapes that emerge from the confluence of folded paper and sunlight.


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