Solange Roberdeau: Beyond Latitude

February 6 - April 10, 2021


Municipal Bonds is pleased to present Beyond Latitude, a solo exhibition of recent works on paper by Bay Area artist Solange Roberdeau. In this selection of reductive drawings, abstract forms reference shapes, happenings, and cadences of the natural world. Responding to nature in its distilled yet fluid form, Roberdeau explores moment and movement within various geography through gestural mark-making. 

Adhering to a monochromatic or minimally colorful palette, shapes identify with an organic sensibility, orderly and wild. Geometry and negative space provide grounding, and contrast with the unfettered freedom of patterning, dripping, and the marbling of Suminagashi. Within these energetic exchanges, diptychs and series are joined together by the line, traversing space and holistically present.